Pretty Frank. Soy candles that are as green as you can get.

Pretty Frank promises quality products and no wishy washy marketing.

I'm committed to operating as green as possible.

Candles are shipped “naked” which means that they'll only come with a gift-box if you
request it when you order.

With every candle purchased from Pretty Frank, a native tree is planted in Tasmania. If
you'd like to up the ante, add on extra tree planting to your purchase.

All candles are entirely vegan. From the wax, to the fragrance, the wicks, the glue - all
vegan friendly.


I have purchased from Pretty Frank several times now and I love all the different fragrances! Great service and fast delivery every time too :)

Google Review, August 2019

I'm loving my Menthol & Eucalyptus candle from Pretty Frank! The scent is gorgeous, without being overpowering. The fact that they're made from quality, vegan friendly products is also a major plus.

Google Review, July 2019

Recently I had the pleasure of purchasing these lovely candles. Not only are the fragrances amazing and long lasting, the service and products are outstanding all whilst keeping the environment in mind. Well done Pretty Frank! Great product. Highly recommend.

Facebook Review, January 2019

Blog posts

No, I don't make deodorant

31 Jan, 2020

No, I don't make deodorant

Since early January 2020, there’s been an influx of website traffic from the USA.

G’day mates and welcome to my website.

I’m sorry to break this news to you, but I don’t make deodorant. 

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Pretty Frank's commitment to help the bushfire crisis

09 Jan, 2020

Pretty Frank's commitment to help the bushfire crisis

Just this week, fires burnt out of control across the river from my home. The day was confusing and scary as we waited to see how the fire would spread. I'm thankful the fire avoided the homes of two wonderful families in my life - who have also been supporters of this business since day one.
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2019: A Year In Review

01 Jan, 2020

2019: A Year In Review

2019 was an epic year for Pretty Frank.

Here’s a highlight reel of what kept me busy and some of the things I’ve achieved with you all by my side.

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