A native tree planted in Australia with each candle.

Ethically and sustainably sourced soy wax.

No palm. No paraffin. Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Pretty Frank promises quality products and no wishy washy marketing.

These candles are as green as you can get.


It’s such a refreshing light scent. The box and style of Pretty Frank’s candles are done so well!

Product Review, August 2020

This is a beautiful candle. Fresh & lovely. Such a lovely scent!

Product Review, September 2020

Easy friendly service and shipping was fast. I'm wrapped thankyou!

Product Review, September 2020

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Pretty Frank's feature in Sendle's Customer Stories Blog

15 Aug, 2020

Pretty Frank's feature in Sendle's Customer Stories Blog

The last few weeks and months have been pretty nuts for this business.

Lots of new customer faces, new opportunities and a lot of orders!

Beside all this, I've been managing my day job AND found some time to chat with the LOVELY Hannah Belcher from Sendle.

We chat running a side-hustle alongside a day job, how COVID-19 has changed life and what makes Pretty Frank so special.

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How I make your soy candles

10 Jul, 2020

How I make your soy candles

I’m asked this question often and it’s a pretty great hobby. Here are the basics, if you’re a little curious on how to make the magic happen. Start with wax. 
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Gifts for the happy couple

06 Jun, 2020

Gifts for the happy couple

As we prepare for a wedding season that may look a little different to years past, I know we’ll want to honour the happy couple on their wedding day.

I’ve put together a list of gorgeous Australian brands with gifts that are perfect for your loved-up family and friends.

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