Candle Care and Safety

Candle Care and Safety

We all look forward to lighting a new candle and experiencing it for the first time. There are a few important steps to take to ensure a safe and long life for your candle. Get the timing and location right for your candle, every time, to give your candles their longest and most fragrant life.

Follow these tips for a consistent burn.


Keep lit candle within sight, away from children and pets, and anything flammable

Never leave a lit candle unattended, and do not move the candle while lit or prior to wax solidifying.

Your glass may become hot when lit, so place candle on a flat and heat resistant surface away from drafty areas, air ducts, fans or near open windows. Ensure the flame does not come into contact with the side of the glass when burning.


Ensure your candle melts completely to the side of your glass to set the candle memory, and allow your candle to burn evenly every time thereafter.

Keep an eye on your candle to ensure the wick is upright and trimmed to 7mm (1/4 inch) while
lit, and prior to relighting.

Burn your Pretty Frank glass candle for no more than 3 hours at a time.

Do not use water or lid to extinguish your candle. Never introduce liquids or foreign objects into your candle. Use a candle snuffer, or blow gently on the flame until it is extinguished.

Cover your candle after the wax has solidified to prevent the build-up of dust. The lid is perfect for this and keeps your candle looking schmick too.


Avoid soot building up in your candle by keeping your wick trimmed and properly placed.

Oops! Is there soot on your candle? Extinguish the candle and once completely cooled, clean the jar with a dry paper towel.

If your glass is cracked, chipped or broken you must discontinue use. Our candle glasses and containers are selected for their design and durability, but care must be taken to avoid damage.

Total burn time for your candle will vary due to environmental conditions and burning habits.

Sadly, your candle will need to be retired once there is only 13mm (or 1/2 inch) of unmelted wax at the bottom of the glass. It’s best to put the candle out yourself rather than letting it die out.

Now that your candle is finished, you can clean out the jar to reuse for something else!

Try some methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol to remove the glue where the wick is attached at the bottom of the glass.

Pop your glass in the freezer quickly and the wax will harden. You'll find it much easier to clean the jar. Once most of the wax is removed, some warm water and a scrub will get rid of any remaining residue.

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Do you have any other tips for burning candles? Have you had issues with burning candles in the past? Share your tips or problems below and I’ll get back to you! 

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