Custom Corporate Candles Case Study: Uber Photography | Pretty Frank
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Custom Corporate Candles Case Study: Uber Photography

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Custom Corporate Candle Order from Uber Photography

Corporate gifting can be headache inducing.

If it’s time to look for news ways to say Thank you, Welcome or Congratulations to your clients or customers, then maybe Pretty Frank can be of help.

A fabulous example of my work on gifting for clients is Uber Photography.

The brief: personalised candles consistent with branding

The team at Uber Photography understand how important it is to surprise and delight their clients. They put together a unique gift bag for their clients and a customised candle is included in every single one.

We worked together on a fragrance that would be popular with most noses and incorporated their stylish branding into a label, then fixed on a timeless candle glass. It’s topped with a neat black lid for a tidy and modern look.

Why I love to work on gifting with businesses

There are a few reasons that I love working with brands to provide solutions to their gifting woes.

Firstly, being given a brief to work with and then finding ways to do what I do with it, is very rewarding. Brands can see their own logos or aesthetic on a completely new product and still feel as though the product is inline with their branding guidelines and a great representation of them.

Secondly, I know the struggle of trying to come up with unique gifts for clients and customers, on a budget and in limited timeframes. By outsourcing the production of gifts to a handmade small business like Pretty Frank, you’re ensuring great quality and attention to detail from someone who knows the importance of making your business shine.

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Reasons to order custom-made scented candles for your brand

  • Design something completely new and original

Your brand took time to create and the choices you made reflect the way people perceive your brand. The colours, fonts and images all play a part and together we can use this framework to create a gift that is completely new and completely you.

  • Outsource the production of your gifting to save time

It is time consuming to get the details right! Get back to doing what your business does best and leave the rest to me.

  • Say Thank You, Welcome or Congratulations

The message you’re trying to convey doesn’t matter if it’s not executed well. A pen with your brand on it may not have the wow-factor of a unique candle with customised messaging for your clients.

  • Candles are long-lasting and useful

Each time your client or customer lights their candle, they’ll be reminded of their experience with you!

  • Celebrate special milestones or occasions with your clients

One way to stay top of mind for clients is to use gifts as touch-points with your clients. Their birthday, your business’ birthday, a milestone in their sales or business are all great times to provide a gift to your client.

  • Work with a small business offering a finely tuned attention to details

When you email Pretty Frank, you’re dealing directly with Leonie, a sole-trader. Heck, it’s the only email address I have - I respond promptly and am always looking for the solutions, not problems.


Many industries face rife competition for their customers which means that you need to find ways to stay ahead involve creativity and thinking outside of the box to be memorable. Engaging Pretty Frank allows you to outsource creation of the gifts you give and puts you in front with a unique gift that will be loved by your customers.

If you’d like to make an enquiry or get a quote, add your details below and I’ll respond to you ASAP.

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