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Triple scented candles: what's the fuss?

The candle industry in Australia is highly competitive and this means that marketing can be the biggest differential between brands. The term “triple scented” comes up often, as candle enthusiasts are thrilled with the throw from Pretty Frank candles and want to know how I ensure such a far-reaching fragrance.

I don’t use the term triple scented in my marketing, as I believe the team is confusing at best and deceptive at its worst.

So what does it mean to have a triple scented candle?

Like most things, the products on offer for candlemakers have come a LONG way in the last 15-20 years. Paraffin wax was the most readily available wax a while ago and the maximum "fragrance loading" (this is the percentage of fragrance in a candle) was about 3%. 

Since then, more waxes have come onto the market with better abilities to take on fragrance and give great fragrance. Most waxes can now take between 8-12% fragrance loading.

Each type of wax (soy, paraffin, coconut, beeswax) can only take a certain amount of fragrance before the quality of the candle is affected. While manufacturers of wax provide guidelines for “maximum fragrance loading”, the answer varies for each kind of wax and is refined over time by research by the candle maker.

Given that more fragrance can be added to candles now (more so than EVER before), the vast majority of makers will load their candles to the maximum percentage the wax can take.

So - triple scented candles nowadays are considered "triple the fragrance" when compared to paraffin candles which were on the scene some 15-20 years ago and could only hold 3% of fragrance in the candle. 

So, a higher fragrance % = stronger candle throw?

It seems logical that this would make sense, but candlemaking is part art and part science.

Each fragrance oil varies and it takes a LONG time of testing to come up with the best % of fragrance to be added to wax for the best cold and hot throw.

A quality soy wax candle only needs wax, fragrance and a wick

To keep things “Frank”, it’s important for consumers to be aware that an effective soy wax candle only needs to contain quality wax, a wick and fragrance (if so desired).

Marketing terms are used by all candlemakers to describe their candles and convince you to buy, however most candlemakers follow much the same pattern when making their candles. Wax. Fragrance. Wick.

Do you buy candles advertised as “triple scented”? Have you noticed a difference in the quality of burn, or does it seem much the same as other candles?

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