What goes into a Pretty Frank candle?

What goes into a Pretty Frank candle?

You might know that Pretty Frank only makes eco-friendly vegan friendly candles with a sustainable view (we only have one Earth!). But what does this mean for the final product that ends up in your home? Here are the raw materials that make up your lovely candle.

Soy Wax

I’ve sourced a quality soy wax which is made with 100% natural, plant based products. This vegan-friendly wax is created by an Australian-owned company with a commitment to sustainability. The soy beans are farmed and sourced sustainably.

I use this soy wax because it provides a reliable and eco-friendly product which I enjoy working with. It’s packed and shipped with minimum fuss or frill, so the packaging is recycled when I’ve used the wax. The silky smooth finished product on top is hard to come by and experiencing the glossy finish when you first see your new candle is a magical part of the experience.

A little note on Paraffin Wax 

Paraffin wax is easy to manipulate for candle making, non-toxic and a natural product. It is made by removing the waxy substance from crude oil which is a limited resource.

Soy wax is certainly having its moment in the sun at the expense of paraffin wax, however both are safe and biodegradable, and neither have proven to be harmful if created and burned as directed. 


I’ve sourced braided candle wicks made from raw 100% cotton which have been manufactured specifically for use with soy wax. As they are made with only natural fibres, you can be assured they are free from any metals, including lead or zinc.

It is important to keep your wick trimmed between burns, to eliminate smoking and the icky carbon blob that will grow and burn each time your candle is lit if left untrimmed.


The fragrance oils I’ve sourced are cosmetic grade oils. The oil is a complex blend of synthetic products, designed specially to be used in wax candles. Because these oils are created to be used in wax for candles, the result is far superior.

The decision to use these specially created candle fragrance oil was an easy one – as there are many suppliers with huge ranges to choose from, as well as the relative ease and reliability of this kind of oil.

A quick note on essential oils

Despite their popularity, essential oils tend to perform poorly in candles, as they are fixed in composition and not designed to be used in candles. This means that they offer a poor scent throw.


The glassware used for Pretty Frank is made in moulds and not blown. This produces a reliable and consistent glass to work with. While using blown glassware may be more traditional, in this case I am happy to embrace innovation for a consistent product which is safer and less likely to break! 

Each factor that goes into making a candle by Pretty Frank is considered for it’s impact on the earth, aesthetic, and it’s contribution to a quality final product.

Now go forth and enjoy your lovely candles.

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