What is a "soy blend" candle?

What is a "soy blend" candle?

There are many different types of wax that can be used to make candles.

Some of these are paraffin, palm, coconut, beeswax and soy wax.

While Pretty Frank candles are made only with soy wax, there are many on the market which are labelled as a "soy blend" and it's important that we understand what that means. 

Have a look at the box of your favourite and maybe it'll say "100% pure soy wax" (or similar) or it MAY say "soy blend", or maybe it just says "candle".

Some makers don't disclose the kind of wax they use and some are very clear.

So what does "soy blend" mean?

The term "soy blend" is ambiguous but it does mean there is some soy wax in your candle and this has been blended with another kind.

Paraffin is the most common kind of wax used in these blends as it's a consistent performer in candles though it has a terrible reputation.

Why do people hate paraffin wax?

The reason paraffin wax is avoided by so many people is because it's derived from crude oil, a non-renewable resource.

Crude oil and its manufacture have caused a slew of environmental tragedies, including oil spills, damage of natural habitats and is contributing to climate change.

What kind of wax does Pretty Frank use?

The term "soy blend" is a little icky to me because I think we should always be clear what we use to make your candles.

I will happily shout from the rooftops that my candles are made *exclusively* from gorgeous soya beans and fragrance oils.

No cruelty. No paraffin. No palm.

That's being pretty frank.

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