Why branded candles make the perfect thank you gift for your clients

Why branded candles make the perfect thank you gift for your clients

Are you looking for the perfect, corporate gift for your valued clients? The choice of what to invest in for your clients has never been wider as there are so many options for your business, but it can be difficult to whittle down the choices.

If you are looking for custom gifts that you know will be well-received, why not consider branded candles? Let’s take a look at a few reasons!

Custom-made candles are loved by all

Candles are popular, practical and are loved by pretty much everyone.

Giving a beautifully designed custom candle as a gift shows that you are thoughtful and value the recipient. Gone are the days of giving customers boring old branded calendars, pens and mugs! There has never been a better time to put a new spin on an old tradition by giving your clients something they will like and actually use.

Branded corporate gifts are an essential element of engaging with one’s clients on a more personal level so that the client feels that they are appreciated. When giving a corporate gift, a client will be more likely to contact you again for any future business.

There are many options to fit your budget

Many small to medium-sized companies simply do not have the budget to treat their customers to elaborate lunches or expensive and extravagant gifts. At best, you’ll want to invest in quality but inexpensive gifts.

Working with a small business allows you to pick and choose what suits your brand all within your budget.

If your marketing/gifting budget is limited, it can seem counterintuitive to set money aside for corporate gifts. However, as the saying goes, “You need to spend money to make money” and investing in some attractive, branded candles, will grow your list of happy clients.

Well designed candles that are branded with your logo or messaging can trigger positive emotions in the recipient. When a client has a positive feeling towards your company and brand, this makes them more likely to choose you as a service or goods provider later on, thereby increasing your sales.

It’s a unique way to spread the word about your brand

Corporate gifts go much further than ensuring that you could get repeat business.

When a client makes use of your gift, others are also exposed to your brand and this goes a long way in ensuring that you will develop new relationships with new clients, not to mention building brand awareness! This type of “word of mouth” marketing is highly effective as the gift recipient is far more likely to recommend you to other people.

If you are looking for a special type of candle that uniquely represents your brand, you may want to consider working with a candle company to create a custom candle gift to help clients and customers to remember your company for a long time to come.

It will set you apart from your competitors

Branded candles are definitely unique gifts and, if you gift a candle that your client loves, you will stand out from your competitors. Many folks love eco-friendly and cruelty-free candles and this is always a great option to help you give the best possible candle as a gift.

Unlike pens, notebooks, stress balls or calendars, your clients are likely to hang onto a candle instead of binning it. By choosing a fragrance that’s popular (chat to your chandler about choosing the right scent!) you can ensure that all noses will love your candle and look forward to using it.

If you’re thinking that custom-made candles are the way to go for your business, head over to the Corporate Gifting page to leave me an enquiry and I’ll get back to you ASAP - usually within 24 hours.

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