Why does my candle have soot at the top of the glass?

Why does my candle have soot at the top of the glass?


As a candle creator, it is heartbreaking to see black soot build up at the edges of a candle you’ve lovingly poured.

But why does soot build up in the first place?

A candle made correctly will burn properly with virtually no smoke. If your wick becomes too long, or if the flame’s usual teardrop shape is disturbed by air flow, unburned carbon particles will escape from the flame as smoke. This carbon becomes soot, and will collect on your wick or build up on the inside of your glass.

While prevention is better than cure, you will find that a simple fix is extinguishing your candle, allowing the melted wax to solidify again, then wiping your candle with paper towel.

To nip this in the bud and reduce the build-up of soot, keep your Pretty Frank candle wick trimmed to under 1cm (7mm is the sweet spot!). See the wick trimmer in the online store which will help keep that wick short even when the candle is nearly finished.

Now go forth and enjoy your lovely candles.
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