Why soy wax is the better choice for your candles

Why soy wax is the better choice for your candles

Candles have become a staple in pretty much every household these days.

So many people like having candles at home for decoration and aesthetics, while others love having their favourite fragrances drifting through their home.

We know there are many candlemakers and different brands, but did you know that there are different types of waxes that are used to make candles?

Traditionally, candles were made of a paraffin wax when they first became popular within the home.

Over time, many different waxes have been developed for use in candles including including beeswax, coconut wax, palm wax and soy wax.

Each of these waxes are sourced differently and burn in a different way but soy wax remains the clear choice for me.

Here's why:

There are a number of benefits to soy wax candles.

Soy wax is natural

Soy wax is made from a natural blend of soybean oil which makes it the more natural and renewable material to use when making candles.

It is the most environmentally friendly choice and also the healthier choice when burning in the home around little people and pets.

Although palm wax is also natural it contains palm oil and it is very hard to find palm wax that has been sourced from renewable resources and it can be damaging to the palm eco-system.

Paraffin wax is made from petroleum based materials making it both synthetic and not very safe to have burning in the home, especially in smaller, enclosed areas. 

Soy wax candles are longer lasting

Soy wax has a lower melting point than other candles.

This means that once you start burning the candle it will last longer than those made of the other wax blends.

On average a soy wax candle will last around 50% longer than a candle made of paraffin wax and this is because of its lower melting point.

This means that soy candles are more financially beneficial for you as well.

Lasting Scent

Because of the slow burning of the soy wax, the fragrance that is imbedded in the candle lasts longer and is gradually released meaning that you will have a strong scented candle for the entire time that you are burning it.

The fragrance is distributed as the candle burns and once the candle cools down and the wax starts to harden again the fragrance is trapped inside ready for the next time it is being burned.


Depending on where the soy wax is sourced from it can be a very eco-friendly and sustainable option. 

When purchasing your soy candles, where possible speak to the business owner and discuss whether they source the wax from a sustainable company.

If they do, they will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Pretty Frank only works with ethically and sustainably sourced soy wax, created by an Australian-owned business.

Leonie from Pretty Frank 


When buying any product for your home, it's so important that you are not just thinking about how it will look in your home, or whether it will suit your needs.

It is important to also look at the bigger picture and whether your purchase is going to be damaging to the environment or have a positive effect on it.

Sustainable and eco-friendly products are becoming more and more popular and it is important that you try to purchase these where possible.

Pretty Frank is 100% committed to the environment and want to ensure that these candles are not damaging to the environment and is also safe to have in the home with people and pets around.

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