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Experimenting with A27 Soy Blend Wax by All Seasons Wax Company | Pretty Frank

Experimenting with A27 Soy Blend Wax by All Seasons Wax Company


Change is as good as a holiday

In an industry like candlemaking, it’s important not to become complacent. This is a concept that All Seasons Wax Company has embraced and it’s how they disrupted sales of wax for all major distributors of candle wax in Australia.

As a sole trader or small biz in the world of candles, you are an agile force to be reckoned with and you have the ability to try new things to test your skills and please your customers!

Experimenting with a new kind of wax allows you to be creative and rediscover your passion for making beautiful products. Fortunately, the Performance Soy Blend A27 is perfect for any candlemaker and I’m excited to share that the results I’ve had have been phenomenal.

The wax

This wax is truly one of the most reliable and versatile waxes on the market.

First things first for the purists, this wax is not 100% soy wax. The All Seasons Wax Company tells me that this is a soy blend made up primarily of natural soybean and blended with smaller portions of sustainably sourced, certified palm wax, premium grade paraffin wax and a unique plant-based additive. If you’re only interested in using completely pure soy wax, then the S100 Pure Soy is the one you need.

Initially, this was designed specifically for use in warmer climates (Hey Queenslanders!) and more volatile conditions, all the while maintaining consistent performance. It’s also lauded as being more durable, it resists sweating in warm climates and can cope with higher fragrance loads and more potent oils.

The finish is smooth and this is due to the formulation which offers more efficient fragrance binding than other waxes.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

The most exciting thing about this wax for this candlemaker, is that it’s suitable for pillars! I was excited to test this wax and make my very first pillar candle.

Pillar candles are classic. They’re a standalone part of decor, at home in any home.

Experimenting with pillar candles can seem a bit daunting to a candlemaker who has perfected container candles. With a pillar candle, all parts of the candle are on display and there’s nowhere to hide.

I’ve started to use the A27 wax from All Seasons Wax Company in January.

On my first use of the wax, it is certainly visibly different from the S16 I’m accustomed to. It’s flakier and less oily - more dry, I’d say? I’d assume this is due to the addition of palm and paraffin wax to this blend and it’s what gives this wax the ability to make more solid candles, capable of standing alone and tolerating higher temperatures.

The first pour was a triumph, but also my first lesson for pillars; you don’t really need two pours for this wax.

I’d done some research before I’d used this wax and it was recommended to pour twice to ensure stability for pillar candles. My first pillar candle came out perfectly, except for the line where I’d double poured. Test it for yourself and see how you go!

First pour of the pillar candle
Perfect Pillar Candles

I had dreams of creating beautiful marble-effect candles and after some fun fails, I found a way to create the gentle marble effect. I was pretty happy with the results after just a few pours, so I’m sure that with more time and testing you’d be thrilled with your designs too.

LOL Marble fails with the pillar candles
Pillar candle with marble effect

My next experiments were with wax melts and I was pretty darn impressed.

The wax melted easily and evenly with a gentle stir and wasn’t too different from the S16, except perhaps the colour is a brighter, lighter yellow when melted.

The wax took liquid colour with little fuss and this offers so many options for creating melts or pillars with the A27. I made some fun pink unicorns and some green/grey cactus from simple moulds available at homewares shops (like Kmart!). Check out the time-lapse video for how simple this process was and how easily the melts were made.

The melts are solid and can be handled directly in your hands without risk of them melting away or being deformed with a bit of handling. Moulds are super effective for this as the shapes pop straight out cleanly and any detail is solid.

With a new wax comes new testing for fragrance throw, so I’d recommend testing your fragrances carefully to experience the scent throw. Start off with one fragrance to keep it simple and sort out your new wax : fragrance ratios, then go from there.


This wax is a fantastic blank slate for candlemakers. This reliable wax is easy to manipulate into new products and is easy for all candlemakers to love. Anyone making candles in warmer temperatures will LOVE this formula and can create with confidence.

Possibilities abound and are limited only by your imagination. Try adding colour, melting into new shapes, and adding fragrances to create something new for the customers who love your work.

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