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5 daily actions to reduce your carbon footprint | Pretty Frank
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5 daily actions to reduce your carbon footprint

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Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide you're responsible for releasing as you go about your day. 

Carbon dioxide is the largest pollutant towards global warming and it has a pretty big impact on the environment and the ecosystems around us.

As a collective, if many people start making some little changes then we can create a big overall impact. Lucky for us, there are many simple ways to help reduce your carbon footprint on a daily basis.

Drive Smart
Vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to the carbon dioxide being produced and by simply reducing your amount of driving can make a huge difference.
Driving smart includes trying to get all your tasks done in one trip so that you are not constantly driving throughout the day, catching public transport so you are not adding another vehicle to the roads or joining a carpool system to get to and from work.
Reducing your driving on a daily basis can help make a huge difference in reducing your carbon emissions.

Eating Local Produce
Local produce is the produce that is grown or made in a close proximity to you. By eating more local produce you are reducing your carbon footprint by not purchasing products that need to be delivered across the country. Large trucks are in charge of getting produce from one destination to another and these trucks produce a lot of carbon dioxide.
So where possible, buy locally and support the locals in your community at the same time as helping the environment.

Change Brands
There are a number of different products that you can change to when doing your shopping that can help to reduce your carbon footprint on a number of different levels.
Certain brands are starting to make the change in the way that they produce their products and are adapting more eco-friendly practices when manufacturing their products to help reduce the carbon footprint of their business.
Many businesses are also now starting to determine the carbon footprint that they are producing and then counteracting this with offsets such as the planting of trees. This makes the carbon footprint of the business lower and in such you purchasing these products adds to the growth of more trees and a more sustainable solution.
Try searching carbon neutral businesses to find a list of those near you.

Find and seal leaks
Whether it is summer or winter there are bound to be spots within your home where air is able to escape. If there are leaks within the home, during the summer months this may make you want to crank the air con up higher in order to keep the house cool and in winter pump the heater to keep the warm air in.
By finding these leaks and sealing them you are able to then reduce the amount of electricity and heating/cooling that you are using within the home, and in such reducing your carbon foot print.

Switch to reusable
The market for reusable products is increasing each and every day – which is a great thing.
By choosing reusable products you are not adding to the mass production of disposable products, such as coffee cups. Although these reusable products still need to be manufactured and produced by using them you are lowering the carbon footprint of the disposable products and reducing the number of them being manufactured and shipped all over the country (and world)

Reducing your carbon footprint is not a difficult task and there are so many little things that you can change in your day to day life, without even really noticing that will make an impact in the long run.
So why not make a few changes for the better and look forward to a more sustainable and happy environment moving forward.
If you have already made changes to your carbon footprint, I'd love to hear them!

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