Boxed or naked candles, what's the difference?

Boxed or naked candles, what's the difference?

Operating Pretty Frank with the smallest affect on our environment is my priority, so I've introduced a few ways of working to reduce waste in my business. 

Offering naked candles allows lovely shoppers like you the option between boxed and ready to gift candles, or low-waste shopping!

When you purchase your candles online, you'll be asked if you'd like them in a box or naked.

So what is a naked candle?

Naked means your candles will be wrapped in a sheet of biodegradable tissue paper (made from recycled paper, of course!)which can added to your compost.

Full Size and XL Double Wick candles always have a lid, but sample size candles won't. 

A sample size candle will always be naked 

Ok, well what is a boxed candle?

Ordering your candle boxed means your candle will arrive in a schmick white box with signature Pretty Frank design across the top and front.

Boxed candles make gifting easy and are simple to wrap.

Leonie x

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