Boyfriend approved candles

Boyfriend approved candles

If you've ever wondered if your boyfriend/brother/dad will like the candles or fragrances you're shopping, then here is your answer!

Sure - It's 2021 and gender is a construct.

But as a candlemaker, I've had a bit of experience to notice when certain people like certain scents.

So here's my best advice of what I'm calling "boyfriend approved" fragrances.

Shopping for the men in your life is now that much easier, and you can shop

Bergamot, Teakwood & Lemon

An OG scent from Pretty Frank, this one is woody, citrusy and a bit sexy.

With fresh top notes of lemon and bergamot (pronounced ber · ger · mot), deep middle notes of teakwood and leather and a unique base of musk and amber.

It's been receiving rave reviews from men and women all around Australia.


Woody & fresh with just the right amount of zesty fragrance. It's a winner.

Product Review by Verified Buyer

This one is perfect in a reed diffuser as it'll gently scent a room without any real maintenance, or a candle to add some romance-y vibes.

Shop the Bergamot, Teakwood & Lemon collection here.

Masculine scent Bergamot Teakwood and Lemon by Pretty Frank

Coconut & Lime

A consistent bestseller from the range, this fragrance is creamy, summery and a little sweet.

With tropical top notes of lime and orange, creamy middle notes of coconut and caramel and sweet base of musk and vanilla bean.

It's much loved for it's tropical vibes and good feels.


This by far is our favourite coconut and lime scent from any brand we have purchased! It reminds us of the sex wax we use, our many dips in the ocean and all round fun in the sun.
My fiancé loves this one so much that I’ll come home from work to him burning it, that’s a true indication of how good it is!

Product Review by Verified Buyer

Preferred in a candle for ambience and far reaching scent throw, or a room spray for a sassy spritz of scent.

Shop the Coconut & Lime collection here.

 Coconut and Lime fragrance by Pretty Frank

Menthol & Eucalyptus

A consistent bestseller from the range, this fragrance is creamy, summery and a little sweet.

With refreshing top notes of eucalyptus and peppermint, bright middle notes of menthol and rosemary and green and herbal base of lavender and fir needle.

It's winning fans during winter for it's refreshing and zingy scent.


Smells so refreshing

Really nice smell. Have lit several times now and it has maintained its scent

Product Review by Verified Buyer

This scent is great value in a reed diffuser for year-round fragrance.

Shop the Menthol & Eucalyptus collection here.

Menthol and Eucalyptus by Pretty Frank

Pine Tree

Despite being a limited edition scent, this candle has won cult status among Pretty Frank fans.

With fresh top notes of fir needle and spearmint, herby middle notes of sage leaf and rosewood and woody base of cedar wood and amber.

It's festive and clean, just like breathing in fresh and crisp pine.


My husband, who doesn’t even like candles, said it’s the first candle he’s ever wanted to eat because it smells so good.

Product Review by Verified Buyer

You'll LOVE this scent in a gorgeous limited edition matte black jar and sparkling gold inner. The matte black glassware is super sleek and suits every home.

Shop the Pine Tree Scented Candle here.

Pine Tree scented candle by Pretty Frank

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