DIY Hand Sanitiser Recipe

DIY Hand Sanitiser Recipe

For this blog post, Janelle from Green and Bare is taking over with this timely DIY recipe for hand sanitiser!
Janelle from Green and Bare
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Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll have seen the world wide headlines concerning viruses, many people are in panic mode buying up all the masks (and toilet paper for some strange reason!) and hand sanitising products.

It may shock some people that regular hand washing is still the best option when fighting against spreading the COVID-19 virus.

An Australian professor Dr Palli Thordarson an expert in supramolecular chemistry at the University of New South Wales, explains why he reckons soap and water are better than fancier products, he points out that disinfectants, liquids, wipes, gels and creams containing alcohol (and soap) have a similar effect to normal soap, but are not quite as good, read more on what he has to say here -> (source)

For those times when there is no access to soap and water, you can use this simple recipe below.


  1. Add your chosen essential oils (and VitE if using) to your dropper or pump bottle/s.
  2. Add witch hazel and aloe vera gel.
  3. Place your cap or dripper on and shake well.
  4. Use a dime size on hands when needed, and shake well before use to disperse essential oil each time.

Regular hand washing is still the best options!

Regular Hand Washing is Still The Best Option

Antibacterial hand sanitising products can potentially be harmful to your skin, excessive use of a hand sanitiser can cause damage our skin’s protective layer of sebum.

Alcohol based sanitisers are not meant to replace regular hand washing, and should only be used when you’re in a situation without access to soap and water.

The most effective way to wash your hands is under clean running water with a soap bar, washing all the way up to your wrists and lower forearm, continue to wash for twenty seconds.

According to research, washing hands for longer periods is not more effective, and can start to dry out skin. 

As always seek medical advice for concerns of virus contamination. Keep out of reach of all children as it could be flammable.

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