Memorial candle for mums and babies this Mother's Day

Memorial candle for mums and babies this Mother's Day

Content warning: miscarriage, infant loss, stillborn death

This collection is so dear to my heart.

Since I started making candles in 2016, we've always lit a candle in honour of my Nanna every Mother's Day. It's a simple way to have a physical representation of Nanna every year.

Since then, I've had friends fall pregnant and lose their little ones which had me creating a candle for them to honour the lost bubs.

This year, Pretty Frank is launching a collection of candles for those who've lost mums or babies and want to light a candle in their memory.

Every candle sold means a $5 donation to Sands Australia. SANDS is a not-for-profit for bereaved parents following pregnancy loss from miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death.

The box features Forget-Me-Not flowers and the fragrance of the candle is lovely and buttery Vanilla.

Each jar features a transparent design which looks beautiful as the candle burns down.

I've also added the option to add an extra $5 donation to SANDS, just add it to your cart and I'll pass it on for you.

Start a simple ritual in your home here

Shop the collection or donate $5 to SANDS with your next order below.


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