How I make your soy candles

How I make your soy candles

I’m asked this question often and it’s a pretty great hobby.

Here are the basics, if you’re a little curious on how to make the magic happen.

Leonie from Pretty Frank makes soy candles

Start with wax.

I use soy wax from Australian business All Seasons Wax Company.

It comes as wax flakes so it’s pretty easy to work with.

Add heat and melt your wax until it’s a liquid.

The double-boiler method is popular and some professionals use large melters, too.

Add fragrance to your melted soy wax

Now add some fragrances.

I use a range of Aussie suppliers who make all kinds of fragrance oils which can be used as-is, or blended to make something completely new.

Making soy wax candles with Leonie from Pretty Frank

Pour your wax into the glass with a wick.

After a bit of stirring to blend the two together, pour your wax and fragrance mixture into a candle glass with a wick secured at the bottom.

These supplies can be bought from a range of suppliers.

A peg and a paddle pop stick keep the wick of your candle centred as the wax sets and cures

Centre the wick.

Centre your wick (the paddle-pop and peg combo is a classic to keep it in the middle) and leave your candles to cure.

I give Pretty Frank candles a -minimum- of one week.

This way, they have fabulous fragrance throw before they get to you.

The finished product

Search for beginner’s kits for more info if you’re a newbie, or if you’re already making candles then I have a few blog posts on my website with info which will help you.

OR, if this all looks a bit hard, then I’m happy to keep providing you with handmade and 5-star rated candles.

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