Meet the maker: Leonie O'Brien

Meet the maker: Leonie O'Brien

Hey there, I'm Leonie - your fave candlemaker!

Here's 5 quick facts so we can get to know eachother:

1. Pretty Frank kicked off in 2016! I loved candles but wanted to find a way to make them greener.

2. The biz is named for my very handsome dog, Frank. I also love the term "Frank" because it means no bull-crap, being sincere and honest. Just like my candles - there's nothing in there that doesn't need to be. Only fragrance, wax and a pure cotton wick.

3. I quit my day job last year! Pretty Frank is now my main gig, as well as some copy writing and content creation on the side. I love variety and this way I am *always* stimulated and using all parts of my brain.

4. I'm studying this year! When I quit my day job, I knew it was time to help my business flourish - and study is one of the ways I plan to do it.

5. I looooove to get my camera out at every opportunity. All of the product photography for Pretty Frank is now taken by me.

And there’s a few fun facts about me!

Leonie x

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