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The best advice my Mum ever gave me... A Mother's Day Special

Mother knows best.

Hear from some of my favourite women in business as they share the best advice their Mum ever gave them, in honour of Mother’s Day.

K-Rae Designs

“You Do You, Boo”

Those are the exact words my mumma once said to me. I'm very very close to my, call each other multiple times a day close. I live in Brisbane and she's in Darwin so the distance does suck, but thank God for FaceTime right?!

So there was a moment in the first few months of me becoming a first time mum, where I was judged/mum shamed by the way I was raising my child. This person's words hurt me and made me question if I was doing the right thing. I remember ringing my mum to vent and have a lil cry about it and my mother's words were "You Do You Boo" (yeah, my mum's pretty hip 😏).

Just that piece of advice has changed my outlook on both life and motherhood. I really couldn't imagine my life without her. 😍

Kimberly Engwicht of K-Rae Designs 

Kimberly Engwicht of K Rae Designs.jpg

Rough Idea Designs

"May your heart always be filled with joy"

My mum wrote these beautiful words in my last birthday card.

It resonated with me as I'm all about doing what you love. Joy from friends and family is abundant in my life. But finding a career that brings me happiness hasn't been easy. Which is why my mother was so supportive of my career change to give up the corporate world and start my own business. One where I get to be creative, hands on and run my own business.

Creating unique concrete homewares brings me great joy but receiving beautiful feedback from happy customers is why I love what I do! Without my mothers support I may not have taken the opportunity to do my own thing.

I'm a lot happier in my job now so I'm forever grateful for her unconditional love.

Michele from Rough Idea Designs

Michele from Rough Idea Designs with her Mum!

Pretty Frank

“Look after yourself”

This phrase is repeated often on my Mum’s side of the family. It’s a standard part of our goodbye now and it symbolises so much to me.

It means to take care of your health and wellbeing.

To protect your energy and trust your instincts.

The other side of this saying, is to look after #1.

No one will ever be able to take care of you and provide for you, like yourself.

Creating Pretty Frank gives me a creative outlet and lets me build something bigger than myself, which will provide for me into the future.

It may be a selfish take, but maybe it’s a good thing if we all do a little more to look after ourselves.

Thank you Mum, for teaching me to look after myself.

Leonie from Pretty Frank



The Modern Itch

“My mama is right there with a listening ear”

If you have the pleasure of knowing my mama, you’d know she’s the type of person who sticks her neck out to help others. More than that, she’s emotionally invested in ensuring that the people around her are healthy, happy, and well fed. Watching her spring into action is a thing of beauty and something I deeply admire about her.

She’s the type of person who goes walking through her neighbourhood with her golden retrievers, making friends with everyone. A kind word and a smile for everyone she meets. My mama made meals every week for her elderly neighbour so she wouldn’t forget to eat. If any of my friends have a question about their health, my mama is right there with a listening ear and great advice about the best course forward to advocate for their health. It probably comes as no surprise that she’s a nurse, working tirelessly in healthcare for 30 years.

This Mothers’ Day, I want to take a moment to recognise someone I hope to grow to be one day. I love you, mama.

Elisha of The Modern Itch


Mints Body

“Never worry what anyone thinks”

The best advice that my Minty Mum gave me is to chase my goals that are in my own lane and never to worry what anyone thinks just be you, and chase your own goals ✨

Shannon Kerr from Mints Body

Mae Laine

“Eggs are best from a farm”

One of the most memorable pieces of advice came from my Mum and it’s simple message can be widely applied.

She taught me firsthand that eggs are best from a farm, and boy is she right! Sourcing the product directly from where it comes from ensures the quality.

Knowing this has carried me well through life and in business as I seek to simplify processes and source quality products for my range.

Kylie Wiblen from Mae Laine

Emma from Newton Fit with her gorgeous Mum!

Newton Fit

“Do what makes you happy, not what makes you money.

You’ll never be truly rich until you’re truly happy, Emmy.”

I used to work a job that I really HATED. I mean, I’ve had jobs that I’ve disliked but I’d never worked a job that made me as depressed, anxious & overwhelmed as that one I did for 7 straight years.

My beautiful Mums advice was and always will be simple:
“Do what makes you happy, not what makes you money. You’ll never be truly rich until you’re truly happy, Emmy.”

Three years ago I finally took her advice and quit that job, and with the support of my family I started Newton Fit, and never looked back ️

Emma Newton of Newton Fit

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