The Pretty Frank Studio-Warming

The Pretty Frank Studio-Warming

Yesterday was quite the milestone for Pretty Frank.

Friends, family and VIPs who have become like family were invited to the new studio space to leave their good vibes and blessing.

Moving into the Pretty Frank studio (from a corner in the study) was long overdue, and I'm so humbled to share such a special occasion with my nearest and dearest.

The front door of Pretty Frank Studio

The front door of Pretty Frank is adorned with this gorgeous wooden sign via some of my fave people at CoCreative Design on Etsy. The image of the Pretty Frank logo on white was made by this talented team, too!

Building a small business and work in and on it can be tough and it can be lonely. I'm so happy to have a tribe of women and men around me who keep me motivated and moving forward. 

L to R: Leonie, Angie, Elisha and Laura

Here's me on the left (Leonie from Pretty Frank).

Then to my left, my talented friend Angie who I met at the Local Business Awards for the sole trader category in 2019. She took out the title for our category, we became friends and now she does the bulk of my graphic design work. She runs her own biz called Black Rhino Creative and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Next is the wickedly funny and hella smart, Elisha. She runs a digital marketing agency called The Modern Itch AND hosts a true crime podcast called Dead On.

On the right is my bestie, Laura. She holds down a full time role in financial planning AND runs a small business called Morgan & Elwood for hair and makeup.

 Staying motivated with prints from my favourite people

Here's one of my favourite spots! A little inspiration wall full of gorgeous prints from some of my most loved people/artists.

Spot Shine Bright, Slay the Day and You're a Gem cards by K Rae Designs, a self care card from Sweet Cherry Soda (top right) and special notes from talented handlettered and designer, Helen from Light of Leni.

A collection of fragrances used in candlemaking

Here's a sneak peek at some of the fragrances I use to make your lovely candles, as well as a bright bunch of peonies from my fave floral home-delivery people, Bloombox Co.

Candles, yet to be finished at the studio of Pretty Frank in Sydney

Here's a snapshot of the pouring table. This is where I pour your lovely candles, leave them to cure for a week, then label up and pop onto my stock shelves.

Finished candles from the Pretty Frank studio in Sydney, Australia

The stock shelves at Pretty Frank Studio. Cured and ready to be sent out as your orders come in!

The infamous bar cart at Pretty Frank

Work done for the day? Let's grab a gin together!

Work not done yet? How about a mimosa!

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