What is a wick trimmer and do I need one?

What is a wick trimmer and do I need one?

Wick trimmers are super handy in keeping your candles burn-ready and getting rid of that cloud of carbon that can build up after a burn.

To put it simply, they're an angled pair of scissors you can use to snip off any excess wick. This gets rid of the burnt, carbon-y or mushroomed end of wick.

This means you’ll get a cleaner burn next time as you won’t have black soot building up on the sides of your candles.

Wick Trimmer by Pretty Frank

You absolutely can use a tissue to break off the excess of the wick, but the wick trimmer keeps it nice and clean.

The perfect gift for a candle lover (who may or may not be the one reading this post. #treatyoself)

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