Why is it so important to plant more trees?

Why is it so important to plant more trees?

 There are so many reasons why trees are cut down, including to make room for housing estates, infrastructure and the upgrading of the road systems.

It may not seem like a big deal cutting down a tree or two however trees have a lot more benefits to both people and the environment than we give them credit for.

Trees are a huge part of the ecosystem and it is important that we start to plant more trees that we cut down. They play a vital part in the ecosystem and should be treated with importance.

Planting trees with every candle

A few benefits that come from trees include:

Air Quality

One of the major benefits of having trees around us is that they are natural air cleaners and provide us with clean oxygen to breathe.

The leaves and the bark on the trees are able to absorb the carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and ozone from the air and help to remove these elements from the air.

When trees are removed or cleared than there becomes a larger amount of pollutants in the air without a means of getting rid of them.

Water Catching

Trees also play a vital part during the rainy seasons and act as a natural catching agent for the falling rain.

The root system of a tree acts like a filter for the rain and helps to reduce the amount of flooding that may happen in an area.

The water is absorbed into the tree and released into the ground through the root system instead of hitting heavily on the surface of the ground.

The more trees that are in an area reduces the risk of flooding and erosion to the land around them.


When you think about animals living in trees, the first thought you would have would be birds.

And this is very true – birds love to create their nests high up in trees. However they are not the only animals that benefit from trees and the systems that they create.

There are hundreds of different creatures that benefit from trees and set up home either in the leaves, along the branches and trunk or at the base of trees.

Different creatures require different amounts of sunlight, food and water which means that you will find an assortment throughout the different levels of the trees.

Without these trees towering above there is also less ground coverage of moss and vegetation which can also limit the amount of different creatures in the area.

Without the various types of forests and bushlands there will be less places for these creatures to live and continue to thrive.

Planting trees with every candle, Pretty Frank


There are times that trees need to be cut down and used for other purposes such as the manufacturing of wooden products. In these cases most of the time the trees are cut down from a sustainable tree farm where the trees have been planted with the end goal of cutting them down for products. These means that there are a number of different employment opportunities within the tree logging industry and it helps to create jobs all over the world.

Trees can also be home to a number of different nuts and berries that can be picked and eaten. Many tribes in countries across the world use the picking of the nuts or berries as a social gathering between women in the tribe and a chance to speak and interact freely.


As you can see there are a number of very important benefits to trees being planted and these benefits have effects not only on the environment but also on us in a social setting as well.

Tree logging is something that has been around for a long time and will continue many years into the future, however it is important to remember that even though these trees are being cut down there are still plenty of opportunities to plant more.

So why not go out and plant a few trees in your local area. Don’t forget to take a photo when you plant it and come back a few years later and see the progress of the growing -  it is a great feeling knowing that you are helping the environment and the growth within it.

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