Meet Leonie O'Brien the creator of Pretty Frank

Hey there! I'm Leonie and I'm the creator of Pretty Frank.

Beginning by experimenting with different fragrances and how they blended with wax, I developed a few favourite candles which needed sharing.

One of the reasons I started making candles was to ensure the quality of the candles I burn at home.

Pretty Frank candles are made with a single pour of fragrance and soy wax.

This means the wax at the top is exactly the same as the wax at the bottom of the glass, so the fragrance throw will be consistent the whole way through.

Pretty Frank was born in 2016.

I've been making candles for years now and tested many different soy waxes and mixed fragrance oils to find the best performing products which you can find The Store.

The focus is understated products, made by hand with soy wax, fragrance and a cotton wick. What you see is what you get.

Soy wax candle in clear glass by Pretty Frank

Pretty Frank promises quality products and no wishy washy marketing.

I'm committed to operating as green as possible.

Candles are shipped “naked” which means that they'll only come with a gift-box if you request it when you order.

With every candle purchased from Pretty Frank, a native tree is planted in Tasmania. If you'd like to up the ante, add on extra tree planting to your purchase.

All candles are entirely vegan. From the wax, to the fragrance, the wicks, the glue - all vegan friendly.

I'm a very proud finalist in the Local Business Awards for 2019 for Sole Traders.

Pretty Frank has moved from strength to strength since I bought the domain name, and is now greener than ever and giving back more to the community.

I can't wait to see where the next few months takes us!