Eco Initiatives

Making candles with Leonie from Pretty Frank

100% committed to the environment.

Operating Pretty Frank with the smallest affect on our environment is my priority, so I have a few ways of working to reduce waste and make the most of what we have.

Read on to learn about the eco-friendly initiatives so you can light your candle without any guilt!

One tree planted with every product

When you buy any product from Pretty Frank, I’ll arrange for a tree to be planted in Australia. It was really important for me to plant somewhere close to home so we could be help to protect local biodiversity, while creating jobs, revitalising farming and stimulating tourism.

Ethically and sustainably sourced soy wax

I’ve sourced a quality soy wax which is made with 100% natural, plant based products. This vegan-friendly wax is created by an Australian-owned company with a commitment to sustainability. The soy beans are farmed and sourced sustainably.

This wax is a reliable and eco-friendly product which I enjoy working with. It’s packed and shipped with minimum fuss or frill, so the packaging is easily recycled when I’ve used the wax.

Vegan candles

Everything you can buy on this site is completely vegan friendly.

Every product involved in making your candle is exempt from animal products and any testing on animals. The wax, the fragrance, the wick (cotton, nothing toxic!), the glue to keep that wick in place - all completely vegan.


Packing your candles

Choose naked or boxed

When you purchase your candles online, you'll be asked if you'd like them in a box or naked. Naked means that they'll be wrapped in a sheet of biodegradable tissue paper which can added to your compost. 

If you choose boxed, your candle will come in a chic Pretty Frank box.

Coconut & Lime Fragrance by Pretty Frank

Cleaning your glassware

The soy wax and wick tab at the bottom of the glass will come out easily with hot water. If the wick tab is stubborn, leave it in hot water then give it a prod to pry it loose.

Wipe dry and your glass will look as good as new.

Carbon neutral shipping

My shipping solution of choice is Sendle, for their efficient service and 100% carbon neutral delivery!

They're also saving native Aussie potoroos and helping rural South Indian families breathe clean, crisp air with earth-friendly cookstoves. 

Reusing your glassware

Reuse your candle glass

Once you’ve enjoyed your candle and cleaned it out, please consider a new way to use it. Perhaps you need some storage for cotton tips, to hold your makeup brushes or collect your loose coins?

Take a photo and tag me on Instagram (@prettyfrankaus) and I'll DM you with a sweet discount for your next purchase.

Biodegradable and compostable shipping

Your new candles will arrive on your doorstep (or office) in a recycled box.

The candles will be naked or boxed, per your preference, and kept snug in biodegradable packing peanuts made from renewable corn and wheat starch in Australia. These peanuts can be added to compost, dissolved in water down the sink or reused next time you need to send something.