Candle 101

Are your candles made by hand?

Yes, indeed! Every candle made by Pretty Frank is hand-poured in Sydney under the watchful eye of the experienced candlemaker, Leonie (that’s me, hey! 👋 ) 

Why soy wax?

Candles can be made with many different types of waxes. Some other types are paraffin wax, palm wax, coconut wax or beeswax. Each maker usually chooses their favourite type, and I chose soy to work with.

I love burning and making soy candles for a few reasons

  • Soy wax is longer lasting than other waxes because it has a lower melt point. This means that soy candles, weight for weight, will last longer than any other kind of wax.
  • The soy wax flakes I used to make my candles are sourced ethically and sustainably. This was hugely important for me as Pretty Frank makes candles that are as green as possible, and knowing the people and the plants involved are treated in the best way is hugely important.
  • Paraffin wax is derived from crude oil, a non-renewable resource. Crude oil and its manufacture have caused a slew of environmental tragedies, including oil spills, damage of natural habitats and is contributing to climate change.
  • Palm oil is the largest driver of deforestation in Indonesia, destroying the habitat of animals and increasing the effects of climate change. The waste water at palm oil plantations release crazy amounts of methane into the atmosphere. Methane is even more detrimental to our planet than carbon.

At the end of the day, it was a pretty easy decision to use soy wax. Hopefully it's an easy decision for you to buy soy candles instead of palm or paraffin.

What’s in the candle?

I keep it as simple as possible.

Your candle is made with a quality soy wax which is vegan-friendly and created by an Australian-owned company with a commitment to sustainability. This is combined with cosmetic-grade fragrance oil, and poured over a 100% cotton, braided wick which sits securely in a sturdy clear glass - a signature feature of a Pretty Frank candle.

The wick is held down with a drop of vegan-friendly glue to ensure a consistent burn from top to bottom.

See here for my blog post on Why I don't use essential oils in soy wax candles

Where are the trees planted for each candle sold?

Right here in Australia! It was really important for me to plant somewhere close to home so we could be help to protect local biodiversity, while creating jobs, revitalising farming and stimulating tourism.

Native trees are planted to create wildlife corridors and to help threatened native species.

Are your soy candles organic?

Short answer, no. 

Long answer, it’s impossible for soy wax to be classified as “organic”.

Most soy beans harvested are either genetically modified (GMO) or non-GMO mixed in with GMO soybeans.

Even if purely organic soybeans are harvested and kept separate from GMO beans, they could not be labelled as organic due to the transformation they go through to become the wax flakes. The beans undergo a chemical change from liquid vegetable oil to one that is turned solid. Because of this compositional change, the wax could not be classified as organic.

How long should I burn my candle for?

Different sized candles will have different recommended burn times.

Large glass candles are best lit from 1-4 hours, small glass and votives from 1-3 hours. 

Note: When you first light your candle, let it burn long enough for the melted wax to reach the edge of the glass. If you don’t do this, your candle will “tunnel” as it burns down and you’ll have a much shorter burn time (and a bit of an ugly candle!).

How should I dispose of my candle once it’s been used up?

Don’t! Once your candle is finished it’s possible burning time, I’d encourage you to clean it out and reuse the glass. I’ve sourced premium quality glassware exactly for this purpose, and the glasses are so handy to use! Think: makeup brushes, pencils, lollies - anything your heart desires!

To give it a clean, warm water should do the trick, along with a gentle prod to remove the stem of the wick.


My candle has black soot around the edges. That makes me sad.

I’m sad about it, too! But, there’s a super easy fix.

The soot comes from the wick when it’s either too long OR sitting in a gust of air. To stop it happening in the first place, move your candle to somewhere completely still and trim the wick before relighting it.

To get rid of the soot that’s already there, use a damp cloth/paper towel and it’ll rub right off. 

My candle is sticking to the side in some spots?

This is probably “frosting”, and it’s a result of using natural soy wax. It looks like “wet spots” or “sticking” to the glass. 

It occurs when the wax is recrystallising and trying to return to its natural state. This will happen with any natural, vegetable based candle wax - though if it’s the first time you’ve seen it, it’s because most candles by Pretty Frank are poured into clear glasses. There’s absolutely nothing to hide behind!

The effect can be more pronounced in a cooler room, so move your candle to a warmer space and it may disappear. 

Otherwise, it's absolutely nothing to worry about and the effect is purely aesthetic.

The wick is kinda smokey. What can I do to fix it?

This is usually one of two things

There's a draught/breeze/air-con/window open.
This is most common and will happen more with new candles before they burn down to less disruptive air further down the candle glass.
Your candle will notice the breeze, even if you don't. This air disrupts the wick from doing it's thing, so move it somewhere still and it'll burn smoothly.

The wick is too long.
If you're lighting a fresh candle and it's a bit smokey, see note above.
BUT - if your candle has been burning for a little while and it's making some smoke, then extinguish it and let the wax reset. Once the wax is hard, trim the wick as short as you can get it while still having enough left to light.

It looks like there's some oil on top of my candle?

Ah, soy wax is a delicate flower and this can happen when using pure soy wax.

If the candle is exposed to very different temperatures (say, as it's shipped to you, or if it's stored at home somewhere cool then the room is quickly warmed) it can cause some of the fragrance to seperate from the wax.

It's not a big deal and it won't affect the burn of your candle, but I would recommend wiping a tissue or paper towel over the top to remove what you can.

My candle is a little yellow. Will it affect the burn?

No stress, this isn't anything bad.

Some fragrances react differently when mixed with soy wax and sometimes this reaction is to turn your candle a little yellow.

It has no affect on the scent or the burn, it's purely aesthetic.

I don't work with adding colours to your candles, just the fragrance and the soy wax poured with a pure cotton wick.



How long will it take for my order to reach me?

Orders are dispatched from the Sydney studio within 48 hours of ordering, with the exception of custom wedding gifting which usually takes 72 hours. 

Sydney and Melbourne metro delivery 2-4 business days after order is dispatched

All other areas within 3-5 business days after your order is dispatched
. Rural deliveries may take longer

My order arrived in a bunch of peanuts. What do I do with them?

The options are almost endless!

You can reuse them when you send something off next, or add them to your compost where they’ll break down. Another option is to dump them into your sink and run some water over them. They’ll disintegrate into nothing and be washed away.

Why did my ordered get delivered in a random box?

I care about the environment and don’t want to contribute to more waste in circulation! I re-use old boxes for this reason and I encourage everyone else to as well.

Never fear - I don't use anything branded or too weird, so you won't get anything too odd on your doorstep!

Do you ship internationally?

Not at the moment, but if you're not in Australia and you -really- need some candles then send an email to me over at leonie [at] prettyfrank.com.au and we may be able to sort something out!

Custom ordering

How do I get a quote from you?

Shoot me an email over at leonie[@]prettyfrank.com.au and I'll get in touch, or start a chat with me on Facebook Messenger here.

How quickly can you turnaround the order?

It usually takes two to three weeks to complete a custom order. This allows time for ordering what's needed, making and curing of the candles.

If you require a faster turnaround, please let me know the date you require the order by.

Do you have a minimum order for custom candles?

The minimum is 10 candles. 

Can you make a custom fragrance for my order?

Absolutely! I can create something entirely new for you, can do my best to recreate one of your favourite fragrances or I can make recommendations based on who your candles are for.

I'm trying to cut costs. If I sort the labels/stickers, can I just order "naked" candles to my specifications?

Sure thing! Let me know what you have in mind and what you require (glasses or tins, boxes or nakey, lids or no lid) and I will factor this into my quote.

Do custom orders come in colours or black and white only?

The monochrome label on a clear glass is the Pretty Frank signature design, however I have access to a range of glassware in different shapes, sizes, materials and colours.

I also use a professional printer who can provide quality labels for your glasses or tins.

This means colours can be matched exactly to your brand.

What are payment terms for custom candles?

Full payment must be received prior to work beginning on your order. Payment can be made via Credit/Debit card, EFT, Paypal or Afterpay. If using Afterpay for your order, please let me know when you request a quote.


How do I pay for my order?

Payments are secure on prettyfrank.com.au with the SSL certificate.

You’re welcome to pay with your credit or debit card, via Paypal or to use Afterpay. Learn more about Afterpay here.