Planting a tree with every candle

When you buy any full-sized (or custom ordered) candle from Pretty Frank, I’ll arrange for a tree to be planted in Australia.

Helping to rebuild the native habitat of Tasmanian Devils

It was really important for me to plant somewhere close to home so we could help to protect local biodiversity, while creating jobs, revitalising farming and stimulating tourism.

Pretty Frank Candles plant a tree with every purchase
The planting areas are spread across the apple isle, from the Eastern Tiers to the Central Highlands in Tasmania. Native trees are planted to create wildlife corridors and to help threatened native species.

The long term plan is to be part of the community helping the project to establish 1.5 million native plants and offset over 30,000 tonnes of carbon by 2030.

By planting trees, we can rebuild these corridors to help strengthen the environment against the impact of climate change, now and into the future.

Gift a candle and know you're helping our beautiful country, and our one and only planet.

Planting trees in our Apple Isle to help tackle climate change